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Using Comfort, Communication and the Arts to Minimize Conflict

"Bluebird" has developed a wide array of innovative programs, including the development of comfort rooms that are designed as a preventive tool that may help to reduce conflict and potential use of seclusion and restraint. Dialogues, role plays, creative arts and "appropriate touching" are some of the creative approaches she discusses with information on how to implement their use.


Bluebird"s programs will be of interest to providers in inpatient settings as well as peers working in institutional and in consumer-operated settings.  Using the arts for recovery and social change is another major focus of Gayle's work. 


The manual, Reaching Across with the Arts, (1991) is a feature of this website with updates of arts programs and projects as well as a manual on Participatory Role Plays .


We look forward to hearing from people who enter this site both for comment, inclusion, or for future training.


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